Doug M

Prior to joining JMT, I had more than a dozen years of environmental consulting experience, supporting a variety of transportation and infrastructure clients, but had hit a ceiling for professional development opportunities within my firm.   When JMT approached me with the challenge of bringing the Natural & Cultural Resources (N&CR) department to Florida and developing the service line within a new market, I was excited by the opportunity for growth in my professional career, but also by the future of JMT -- a company with an aggressive vision for expansion and development -- which aligned with me perfectly.

During my time at JMT, I’ve been impressed with the sincere implementation of a holistic team philosophy.  There is unity within and among our numerous offices, disciplines, and staff. I’ve enjoyed collaboration with N&CR team-members in several states and the strategic planning to grow our division as a whole, and I’ve appreciated the willingness of other JMT offices to utilize available staff resources, allowing our staff to assist on projects in other JMT markets.  Many companies lose sight of the bigger picture, and devolve into smaller, competing cost-centers within the larger company.  But as an employee-owned firm, we all benefit from JMT leadership that prioritizes what’s best for the company as a whole.

JMT’s willingness to invest in the right people who, in turn, have the company's support to think and act entrepreneurially, will be the key to achieving our strategic goals, and I’m motivated to contribute to that success.  At JMT, I really believe the Sky is the Limit!