Ed M

Prior to working at JMT, I had 7 years of experience as an Engineering Technician at a transportation and structural engineering firm.  Like many people, I visited the JMT website to get some insight into what the company was about.  On the internet it seemed like a great place to continue my career, so I gave it a shot.  Little did I know that the real journey towards my personal success was not going to start until I accepted a job offer from JMT.  I had worked with a few other firms before working at JMT, and no other firm ever made me feel more welcome.

Since being employed here I have worked on several Pennsylvania Department of Transportation projects.  I wanted to do even more, so I expressed my interest in becoming cross trained for construction management work in the field.  I was delighted that my manager provided me nothing but encouragement.  In fact, in as little as one year I have already achieved several certifications and have furthered my professional development. These certifications enabled me to perform several different tasks to ensure specific client requirements are met.  Furthermore, I am currently in the process of obtaining an additional certification to further my professional development in the engineering field with full support from my manager and JMT.

I look forward to all of the upcoming challenges that I will face as our office continues to grow and add disciplines.  I am confident that JMT will continue to invest in my professional growth and career goals.  I see a long and bright future in engineering with JMT.