Mary M

I joined JMT to develop and grow an in-house Cultural Resources practice including historic preservation and archaeology.

Prior to joining JMT I worked for a small firm that specialized in cultural resources, so it was a big change for me joining a larger engineering firm. It helped that I had worked with staff from several JMT offices, so I knew some friendly faces when I started.

Since the company did not have a full-time cultural resource staff, I had the dual challenge of marketing internally to the various JMT offices as well as to outside clients.  As I visited our offices to talk about what I did and how the cultural resources staff could interact with other disciplines, I found an unending supply of questions and a sincere desire to help grow the practice within the company. The interest and desire to help has been amazing!

I can honestly say joining JMT was one of the best career decisions that I've made. The proactive approach to work and the desire to continually better both the company and the employees and the idea that we are one company - no matter what office or discipline you work in - is definitely what I was looking for.