Mike M

Prior to joining JMT, I worked 14 years for a small northern New Jersey consulting firm right out of college and had the opportunity to learn and grow as an engineer and project manager on a range of project types.  Moving on was a big decision driven by my wife's and my desire to relocate to our hometown in south central Pennsylvania and raise our children near family.  My goal was to join a multi-disciplined firm that offered the opportunity to continue my upward professional growth, embraced diversity and had the capacity, staff, resources and forward thinking to allow me to succeed both personally and as a member of the team; in short, a place to re-root my career for long term success.

JMT met my initial expectations and has proven to be much more by opening doors to an even broader range of new project opportunities and challenges and a great cross section of talented people to work with at all levels and varying disciplines.  In addition, working from a branch office it did not take long to realize that JMT is not a firm delineated by office locations and departments.  Collaboration between offices and across our multiple disciplines is encouraged and a commitment made from the top down to support the success of JMT as a whole.  This approach is refreshing, adds small firm appeal to our larger firm capabilities and is further supported by JMT's on-going pursuits to provide employees the technology to effectively work between offices and regions.

When I first joined JMT's team, I was told the sky is the limit.  Beyond delivering successful projects for our clients, one of the greatest rewards I've found at JMT is that hard work and initiative does not go unnoticed.  From entry-level and above, current and future JMT team members are encouraged by the fact that JMT will support and invest in both personal and company-wide growth to maintain JMT's high performance standards, expand our capabilities and provide a work environment where long term success is yours to achieve.