Samantha M

Having worked in the A/E/C industry for several years, I had heard many great stories about JMT, and the employees I met at networking events always spoke so positively about the company. Over time, I noticed that JMT was winning many notable projects in the area and was increasing its local reputation. I ran into a former colleague who had joined, and he mentioned that an opportunity had opened up, so I applied and was pleased to get the position.

I think it's important to be proud of your company. I enjoy coming to work every day in large part because of the great people I work with.  They're not only well-respected but respectful and supportive themselves. The office, and our company, is open to suggestions for improvements, and professional growth is whole-heartedly encouraged. Being in that environment makes me want to do my job better.

I really enjoy attending conferences and other industry events. When people ask me where I work, it's easy to share stories about my positive experiences at JMT.