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ADAMobile Solution for Pedestrian Inventory & ADA Compliance

Location: Statewide, Delaware Client: Delaware Department of Transportation

JMT worked with the Delaware Department of Transportation to develop an application that would monitor accessibility for individuals with disabilities along state transportation networks.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities, guaranteeing equal opportunity to public accommodations, employment, transportation, telecommunication, and state and local government services. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) required a comprehensive program that would gather and report data concerning all sidewalks that are in the State highway right-of-ways and within a one quarter mile radius of bus stops and schools to ensure these standards were met.

JMT's Technology Group developed ADAMobile, a mobile solution that provides the ability to inventory pedestrian facilities based on ADA Standards for Accessible Design.  Built on Esri ArcGIS Mobile technology, ADAMobile allows DelDOT to collect data in the field and provide real-time updates to the office. The deployment of the ADA inventory system included establishing a system infrastructure, building an ADA database, and configuring data entry forms. 

JMT also developed a web application known as the Pedestrian Accessibility Dashboard, allowing managers to monitor and report on the ADA compliance program. The map view provides visualization of compliant and non-compliant features. A reporting engine allows DelDOT to compare and evaluate ADA compliance across municipalities to make informed decisions for improvements.

To date, sidewalks have been inventoried in Kent and Sussex Counties and JMT is currently inventorying  sidewalk in New Castle County.  This information is being shared with the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) to assist with the prioritization of compliance related upgrades at DTC bus stops under a $2 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

JMT was presented with the 2011 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award on behalf of the Women's Transportation Seminar, Baltimore Chapter.


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