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Bryan's Road Innovative Stormwater Management Study

Location: Charles County, Maryland Client: Charles County

JMT completed studies related to the effects of stormwater on a commercial redevelopment project.

JMT conducted feasibility studies, stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) retrofits and conceptual design services to redevelop the Bryan's Road Shopping Center as a Town Center Commons while managing stormwater and watershed restoration.

A Design Feasibility Study of the 21-acre area, which included 12 acres of impervious cover, allowed JMT to identify, assess and recommend drainage area solutions for watershed restoration.  Innovative BMPs were implemented to mitigate untreated impervious surface within the County's Development District and to provide measurable peak discharge reductions to aid in protecting the existing channel downstream of the Bryans Road shopping center.

Based on the results of this study, JMT recommended BMP retrofits for immediate and future installation, land acquisitions and easements necessary to implement BMPs and phased Town Common improvements, a preferred four phase concept design for the Town Commons with associated renderings and various alternatives, and a budget and plan for completion of the retrofit and site improvement concepts.

Other tasks associated with this project included the integration of concepts to spatially identify opportunities for creating new public spaces within the existing built environment, including definition of pedestrian and vehicular routes, identification of beautification and architectural features, and improvement of landscaping, open space and other amenities.  JMT sought input from the community on all aspects of the design concepts and conducted a work session for County Commissioners.

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