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Bus Transfer Station Pavement Renovation

Location: York, Pennsylvania Client: Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (rabbittransit)

JMT assisted with improvements to the aesthetics and efficiency of a bus transfer station in a historic downtown area.

Nearly 6,000 people relied on York County's public transportation system, known as rabbittransit, to commute to work, school or other activities each day. With that many users, it was vital that the entire system be as efficient and streamlined as possible. Of rabbittransit's 15 routes serving York County, eleven ran through York's historic downtown area. The only bus transfer station located downtown was showing the results of the high volume of bus traffic through significant deterioration of the busway surface, which was affecting the facility.

The existing surface at this transfer station consisted of a 4" bituminous surface placed on a concrete base. The heavy bus traffic through the station resulted in excessive rutting of the bituminous pavement. JMT developed a set of construction documents for the removal of the existing bituminous pavement and the installation of a bonded concrete overlay on top of the existing concrete base. Other elements of the design and construction included replacement of the stamped concrete crosswalks and installation of conduit for additional video surveillance throughout the site. JMT also worked closely with rabbittransit staff to develop a construction sequence that minimized impacts to the daily operations, and our staff provided construction inspection and oversight services for the station resurfacing.

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