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City of York 2030 Plan & Zoning Ordinance Update

Location: York, Pennsylvania Client: City of York

JMT provided comprehensive planning, design, mapping and graphics, public involvement and ordinance services for the development of the City of York's 2030 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Rewrite & Map Update.

JMT assisted the City of York to conduct a review and update of the 2015 Strategic Comprehensive Plan.  Looking forward to 2030, the vision of the plan is to build a strong, attractive and economically thriving community consisting of a regionally recognized center of commerce, socially and economically diverse neighborhoods, traditional residential neighborhoods, employment and education centers, community facilities, health care facilities and recreational spaces designed to create a sense of place.

Through this vision, JMT worked collaboratively with the City, local stakeholders and the public to develop a plan to address community sustainability and land use regulations supported by implementation strategies, projects and programs. Core components of the 2030 plan include an executive summary, policy plan, design principles, action plan, sustainability assessment and support information.  The Policy Plan addresses the following plan components:  land use, housing, transportation historic preservation, community facilities and services, economic development and neighborhood revitalization.  The Design section of the plan provides guidelines for streetscape design, Sustainable Urban Environments - "A Green City," and Form-Based Codes.  The Action Plan was developed to contain a variety of recommended strategies and actions along with lead agencies and partners for implementation, funding sources and priorities.

The planning process, designed to actively engage the community, was implemented in a flexible manner to accommodate the needs and desires of many neighborhoods across the City.  A variety of public meetings and focus group discussions, along with community surveys, were conducted to obtain valuable input and guidance from the community.  The 2030 Comprehensive Plan provided the basis for the update of the City's Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map.  Zoning amendments incorporated form-based zoning elements within the format of a traditional zoning ordinance combined with performance standards to minimize environmental impacts.

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