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Community and Neighborhood Parks Master Plans

Location: York County, Pennsylvania Client: Jackson Township

JMT created master plans for a township's first recreation facilities to meet the immediate and future needs of the community.

Our client sought JMT's assistance to plan for recreation facilities based on the needs of the growing community and surrounding areas. JMT worked with the Township and the community to develop master plans for a community park and a neighborhood park.  Each would provide a balance of active and passive recreational uses.

The design concept for the 89-acre community park prioritized the desired active recreational uses while highlighting the existing natural resources and emphasizing preservation and stewardship. The concept clustered the active recreation facilities within appropriate areas and provided passive recreation opportunities where the park site was narrow and steeply sloped, with minimal disturbances to the existing ecosystem.  The neighborhood park site was comprised of almost seven acres that was dedicated to the Township as part of a 700-unit residential development. 

The culmination of the master planning process led to the development of master plans for the community and neighborhood parks that reflected the public's desires.

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