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DelDOT Land Development Reviews

Location: Kent & New Castle Counties, Delaware Client: Delaware Department of Transportation

JMT has provided reviews of record (site) plan submissions, subdivision street plans, entrance plans and offsite improvements for compliance with DelDOT and AASHTO standards, as well as coordination with engineers, developers and various governmental agencies.

As a result of the rapid development occurring in the State of Delaware and a growing backlog of major subdivision and commercial entrance applications, DelDOT asked JMT to assist with the reviews of these projects in Kent County.  In order to make the approval process more efficient, JMT was given the authority to approve applications on behalf of DelDOT.  Using a team of reviewers, JMT reduced the backlog within several months from starting the reviews and continues to respond to plan submissions with comment letters in a timely manner.

Also as a result of the rapid development occurring throughout the State, DelDOT was experiencing a growing backlog of stormwater reviews associated with frontage road and other roadway improvements within DelDOT's right-of-way as required for the development projects.  Using a team of reviewers, JMT began reviewing stormwater management, erosion and sediment control and drainage design for projects throughout the entire State.  Since July 2006, JMT has worked as an extension of staff for DelDOT's Stormwater Engineer, including attending meetings with engineers, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and other delegated agencies, and continues to provide these services today.  JMT has also provided training to DelDOT staff to increase their technical knowledge of drainage design.

In addition to the reviews, duties include meeting regularly with engineers and developers regarding applications, traffic impact study recommendations and required off-site improvements, preparing letter agreements between DelDOT and applicants, and issuing comments on behalf of DelDOT for the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) and Preliminary Land Use Service (PLUS). 

To streamline and standardize the review process, JMT created checklists and standard comments for its reviewers to use for record plan, subdivision construction and entrance plan reviews, which DelDOT has added to their revised Standards and Regulations for Subdivision Streets and State Highway Access manual which is scheduled to be released near the end of this year.  JMT greatly helped to facilitate drainage reviews by creating of the pipe cover/pipe angle chart for the developer's engineers to complete and submit for review to verify stormdrains placed under subdivision streets and at their junction with drainage structures adhered to DelDOT's Standard Construction Details.

Due to the increasing number of applications and offsite improvements, JMT created a web based tracking and documentation system to facilitate the creation and management of project reviews, offsite improvements required by applicants and project related data.  The database allows the reviewer to complete the checklists online, select the standard comments and output a formatted comment letter to send to the developer's engineer or query reports such determining the number of applications approved within a defined time period or the number of developers participating in an offsite improvement.  The web-based interface provides maximum accessibility by multiple consultants, DelDOT staff and JMT staff.

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