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Elkton Branch Library Interior

Location: Cecil County, Maryland Client: Cecil County Public Library

JMT staff provided interior and exterior evaluations of a library building.

JMT conducted an engineering and architectural assessment of the Elkton Library, the County's main library branch, which was constructed in 1987. The facility was assessed for energy savings opportunities, LEED opportunities, necessary repairs, long term maintenance needs and space configurations.

Library staff noted that the roof leaked and drainage problems existed in the courtyard. JMT identified several contributing causes and proposed solutions as well as cost estimates to eliminate these issues.

During the study, JMT staff identified two key issues which were documented in our building assessment report. First, we noted a potential indoor air quality concern in the community room. Design suggestions were provided to the library to reroute the existing outdoor air intakes in order to provide proper fresh air ventilation for the building occupants. We also discovered several site drainage issues in the courtyard adjacent to the community room, which were causing mold inside of the library. JMTs engineering staff provided design solutions to address the site issues and to prevent further mold contamination to the library.

To enhance the efficiency of mechanical systems as well as to maintain code compliance and maintenance requirements, JMT recommended the replacement of two smaller constant volume Air Handling Units (AHU) with one VAV AHU. By redesigning the system in this manner, outdoor air could be provided to all spaces and the unit could be outfitted with more energy efficient controls.

JMT completed an energy evaluation of the building envelope. The building was modeled using Trane TRACE to evaluate various window replacement and envelope insulation options. It was recommended to replace the windows in combination with the AHU replacement to achieve an energy savings of almost ten percent per year.

The JMT project manager presented the report to the Library Board, addressing their concerns, questions and cost implications to the various solutions contained in the report.

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