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Forensic Medical Center

Location: Baltimore, Maryland Client: Maryland Department of General Services

JMT provided schedule review services to DGS for a high-profile, state-owned forensic medical center.

The $43.1M Forensic Medical Center project involved the construction of a new six-story building consisting of approximately 120,000 gross square feet.  This facility was designed to support the groups investigating approximately 10,000 deaths each year, with 4,000 requiring an autopsy, and had provisions for handling mass casualty events.  The building contained 19 autopsy tables, a BSL-3 laboratory, a CT Scanner and x-ray equipment.  It also served as a teaching facility associated with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

JMT provided initial critical path method (ICPM) schedule review for compliance with the specifications, schedule logic, calendars, constructability, and recommended acceptance or rejection of the Contractor's ICPM submission in a written review report.  JMT reviewed the electronic ICPM schedule submission and worked with the Contractor to establish an ICPM that was acceptable to the owner.  Throughout the project, JMT attended progress meetings and reviewed the Contractor's monthly schedule updates for accuracy and compliance with the contract documents.   JMT prepared a monthly schedule update report that documented changes in the schedule, assigned responsibility for any delays, generated costs curves and performed earned value analysis.  JMT worked with the owner and the contractor to regain any lost time.

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