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Garden State Parkway Culvert Repairs CM/CI

Location: Monmouth and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey Client: New Jersey Turnpike Authority

JMT provided construction inspection services for multiple culvert repairs along the Garden State Parkway.

Under two recent construction inspection contracts with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, JMT provided resident engineering inspection services for culvert repairs along the Garden State Parkway.

Culvert repairs were performed at numerous locations throughout central New Jersey, within Monmouth and Middlesex counties, including the following assignments: 

  • The realignment of an existing gabion stabilized channel with additional “green gabions” and channel deflector stabilization.
  • The rehabilitation of two 9-foot by 14-foot arch corrugated metal culverts extending beneath the Garden State Parkway. In addition to the culvert repairs, sinkholes in the embankments were addressed.
  • Cleaning existing pipes, from one foot to 4 feet in diameter, and the repair and extension of several of the culverts.
  • The repair of two 60-inch-diameter corrugated metal pipes extending below both the express and local northbound and southbound lanes.
  • The rehabilitation, repair, and centrifugally cast pneumatic applied mortar lining of approximately 16,000 linear feet of more-than-60-years-old corrugated metal drainage culvert pipes, ranging in size from 24 inches to 78 inches.
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