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IDIQ Contract for Ocean Engineering Services

Location: Various Locations, Nationwide Client: United States Coast Guard

JMT was selected as a team member to provide ocean, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering services for U.S. Coast Guard waterfront facilities nationwide.

Locations for this Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Architect-Engineer contract included Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa. Our services included above and underwater inspections; load capacity rating evaluations of structures; design and engineering of facility repair; modernization and expansion projects; construction cost estimates, and topographical and hydrographic surveys.  JMT projects on this task contract have included:

Battery Park Station, Manhattan, NY - JMT and team members worked together on this project for the United States Coast Guard.  The services included preparing CADD drawings from field investigations at the Seawall and Pier "C" for waterfront facility inspections and assessment at Battery Park. Tidal, bathymetric and hydrographic data along the shoreline and pier was collected and included with the assessment.

In addition, we provided structural drawings which showed existing conditions for the "Granite Block Seawall", "Concrete Slab Bridge" and "Pier."  We identified defects in these structures ranging from minor to moderate to severe.  The defects were noted, highlighted and incorporated into the structural drawings with a specific predetermined color that corresponded with a standard "Structural Condition Rating Key."

Key West, FL & New Orleans, LA - The team was assigned to inspect various U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation (ATON) tower structures for the USCG Civil Engineering Unit based in Miami, Florida. This included eight total towers; five located throughout the Florida Keys and three located in New Orleans along the Mississippi River. Our primary purpose was to perform as built inspections, document conditions and provide a structural assessment with remedial recommendations for each of the towers. The inspections were carried out on two separate trips. The team utilized boat access for the Florida locations to obtain the needed information. Above and below board inspections on the Keys' locations were carried out under the supervision of a structural Professional Engineer. JMT performed the full tower inspections in the New Orleans locations, including ultrasonic field testing of the metal and anodes as well as physical and visual testing.

Data were collected from all eight locations and assembled into a comprehensive assessment report that was issued to the USCG with write ups, structural drawings and recommendations for each tower.

Matagorda Range B Front Light and Structure Demolition, Matagorda Bay, TX - JMT helped prepare a conceptual design of a structure to replace the current Matagorda Range B Front Light. Engineers visited the site and collected measurements, photographs, and other pertinent site information. The scope of services for the task included assessment of environmental conditions, development of a demolition plan, cost estimation, and preparation of working drawings and specifications. The design was to satisfy these major objectives:

  • Demolish and dispose of an existing structure in a manner acceptable by all local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Provide for the channel's safe navigation
  • Provide a new low-maintenance Aid to Navigation (ATON) structure
  • Provide ease of safe access for servicing personnel.


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