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Kenneth Young Memorial Park Master Site Plan

Location: Dallas, Pennsylvania Client: Dallas Borough

JMT helped develop a master site plan for a community park.

The 2.4-acre Kenneth A. Young Memorial Park is considered to be the "front yard" within its community. Through the years, the park has been the central focus for innumerable recreational activities. Besides the routine use of the play apparatus and court areas, the park is used for organized team sports such as soccer, basketball, and tee ball. The park facilities also serve as host for summer-long recreation programs, relying on the current recreation center located on site.

JMT worked with our client and its citizens to develop the master site plan for the park.  Through the public participation process, it was determined that the recreation center was the true heart of the park, and the priority would be to develop a facility that would allow for restrooms, storage, and the capacity to support indoor activities, particularly during periods of inclement weather. The plan that JMT developed in conjunction with the client included an examination of the current recreation center building located at the site to analyze whether it could be improved or expanded, or if the site could accommodate a new and much larger recreation center. The study also provided estimates to help the Borough conclude whether it could afford to operate and maintain such a center.


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