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Oxon Hill Road

Location: Prince George's County, Maryland Client: Prince George's County

JMT is assisting our client with right-of-way purchases associated with a roadway improvement project.

JMT is currently working on improvements to Oxon Hill Road from Cross Foxes Drive to Interstate 95 in Prince George's County.  The Scope of Work includes securing titles and the negotiation of partial acquisitions from 10 commercial properties and 31 residential properties.  JMT is working very closely with the client to evaluate right-of-way needs and reduce impacts to properties where possible, in order to help reduce cost for the project.  The acquisition process involves the identification of each affected parcel by researching the local land records and title report utilization.  The property owner is then contacted by the Right-of-Way Agent in order to explain the project's impact on the property.  The plat, construction plan and cross sections showing the proposed right-of-way are also presented to the property owner.  All approved compensation due to the property owner is listed within an offer letter that breaks down the acquisition by type including fee simple, easements, on site improvements and any possible damages to the remainder.

JMT negotiates with the property owner in hopes of reaching an agreement, at which time an option agreement to purchase the partial land area or easement right is executed.  JMT is responsible for all negotiations with affected property owners, as well as all settlement and closing activities on behalf of the client.  JMT's Project Manager prepares the budget for this project and also monitors all project expenditures.  Invoicing is done by the Project Manager, along with tracking the milestones of the project.  The Project Manager also prepares all project progress reports and establishes a property tracking system to monitor all right-of-way acquisitions.

The project has been successful due to JMT's innovative problem solving system and the dedication of the right-of-way staff.

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