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Right-of-Way Acquisition for Bridge Replacement

Location: Borough of Trafford, Pennsylvania Client: Borough of Trafford, PA & Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)

To complete improvements to the Trafford Bridge, JMT successfully acquired property from 14 property owners by working to minimize all impacts and relocating an impacted bus shelter.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Borough of Trafford needed to replace an aging bridge that serves as a main conduit for the Borough using State Route 0130.  The bridge replacement was needed by the Borough to support commerce and the local economy.  To complete the bridge improvements fourteen properties were impacted by the bridge replacement including six residential and eight commercially zoned properties.  Part of the challenge for JMT on this project was to minimize these impacts as much as possible.  JMT's solution to the problem was to acquire right-of-way using partial easement acquisitions including temporary construction easements, limited in-fee acquisitions and aerial easements to lessen the impact on the fourteen adjacent property owners.  

Another challenge on the project was relocation of a bus stop shelter station that also served as an advertizing platform.  JMT's solution to this problem was to relocate the shelter beyond the required right-of-way area. The relocation claim was performed to the standards of the Federal Uniform Relocation Act to ensure the federal funding would be applied to this project to save the Borough added expense.

JMT staff also participated in a positive, well received local Plan viewing with the citizens of Trafford and explained the Bridge Replacement Project in detail and answered all right-of-way questions.   JMT coordinated all appraisal activities and secured valuations on all affected properties.  Offer letters were presented to all affected property owners, along with all property titles being verified and confirmed.  The Project was successful due in part to the public's positive response to the project and program personnel, and public interaction.  

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