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Secure Warehouse Facility Design-Build

Location: Washington, D.C. Client: Federal Government Agency

JMT provided building and site design for a warehouse at a secure facility in the Washington Metropolitan area supporting U.S. government operations.

JMT provided building and site design for a warehouse at a secure facility in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in support of Federal government operations.

The warehouse provides material storage and support for an adjacent operations building. JMT's range of services included architectural design, geotechnical, site/civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design.

The warehouse consists of the following functional areas:

  1. Spaces meeting DCID 6/9 Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
  2. Climate controlled high-bay storage
  3. Restrooms and janitorial provisions

The SCIF spaces include the following: an office area, a conference room with video-teleconferencing capability, a secure storage room, and a secure data/communications room. The warehouse storage area is a climate controlled high-bay space for forklift operations. Maximum storage capability is provided by the use of adjustable shelving for palletized storage. The project also included: site grading, drainage, erosion and sediment control, utilities, remote fire & security monitoring, lighting, walkways, parking, and access for delivery vehicles up to over-the-road tractor-trailers.

Federal energy conservation, sustainability and renewable energy requirements were met with the installation of motion sensing energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting, high efficiency HVAC systems, and an active system for air circulation throughout the building to prevent air stratification and to enhance the efficient operation of the HVAC system. Life safety systems include a wet-pipe sprinkler system designed to NFPA 13 for high-bay rack storage of Class IV non encapsulated commodities with ceiling sprinkler protection. All other areas are designed to NFPA 13 for ordinary Hazard Group I. Emergency lighting is provided to illuminate all building egress paths. Security alarm and entry protection is provided through use of a Lenel security access control system with remote monitoring.

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