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SR 94, Sections 14 & 15 Widening

Location: Hanover, Pennsylvania Client: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

JMT performed traffic studies and completed design for a 2.5-mile roadway corridor.

Increased traffic congestion in the Hanover, Pennsylvania area led our client to request that JMT evaluate current traffic needs and prepare for anticipated future traffic growth along S.R. 0094.  JMT began with traffic studies that included providing field counts to collect existing traffic data, which allowed us to generate traffic projections for the future design year.  We also conducted an analysis of traffic levels of service, both for existing and future conditions, for five major intersections throughout the 2.5-mile corridor. The analysis included generating roadway and intersection alignment alternatives to minimize impacts to existing businesses while accommodating traffic needs. 

Based on the information gathered in the traffic studies, JMT developed a design that included widening the existing S.R. 0094 roadway from as few as two lanes to a consistent, five-lane roadway section.  The improvements also included additional lanes at three signalized intersections and coordinating traffic signals throughout the corridor to facilitate traffic flow.

JMT led a public involvement effort that included meeting and coordinating with five local municipalities in the region, as well as the Adams County and York County Planning Commissions.  Four public meetings were held to present the design to the local businesses and residents.

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