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Surveying, Photogrammetry & SUE Services

Location: Statewide, Virginia Client: Virginia Department of Transportation

The Spectra Group, a JMT Company, provided Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services to VDOT as a subconsultant to Rice Associates on an as-needed basis throughout the State of Virginia.

The Spectra Group has been providing SUE services to VDOT for 25 years, and has extensive expertise in all facets of subsurface utility designating, locating and surveying for planning and design of roadways, bridges, drainage structures, and various utility infrastructure projects in both rural and metropolitan settings. Specific services performed for VDOT included utility records research, utility designating using a variety of geophysical instruments and ground penetrating radar, utility locating using air-vacuum excavation, surveying of the designated and located utilities, and the generation of Microstation design files per VDOT standards. We are able to complete multiple task orders simultaneously, responding to VDOT requests throughout the Commonwealth.

Each task assignment was thoroughly reviewed by one of our Professional Engineers, and was compared to the as-built plans acquired during the research phase. Each utility line was examined and reviewed as part of our QA/QC process, and any differences or irregularities were noted on the Microstation file generated from the field surveys. Our final products include Microstation deliverables and test hole reports sealed by the Professional Engineer in charge of the task.

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