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US 301 Spur, Section 4

Location: New Castle County, Delaware Client: Delaware Department of Transportation

JMT provided a variety of surveying and SUE services in support of a new, four-mile long roadway project.

The US 301 Spur was a new four-mile connector freeway that included new alignments, local roadway relocations, and intersection and interchange modifications.  JMT provided field and office staff who conducted survey and subsurface utility engineering tasks associated with the project.

JMT performed utility records research to assemble a utility mosaic of as-built information from local utility owners and the client.  This mosaic was used as a guide for the utility designation performed in the field, using various geophysical methods to horizontally map subsurface utilities.  JMT utility crews used APWA Uniform Color Codes to surface mark the underground utilities throughout the project limits, which included water, electric, gas, telephone, cable TV, and force mains.

Upon completion of the utility designation, JMT survey crews located the paint lines using electronic data collection, and the surveys were processed to create an electronic file in the client's standards for use by the design team to determine potential utility conflicts with their new design work.

JMT also surveyed all proposed bridge crossings, providing full topography for 150 feet upstream and downstream of the opening and through structure, including 20 feet from tops of bank, grid survey of structure, and all pipes and headwalls entering the stream.

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