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USDA Right of Way Easement Surveying Services

Location: Statewide, Delaware Client: United States Department of Agriculture, NRCS

JMT provided right-of-way and field survey services throughout the state of Delaware to support several National Resources Conservation Service programs.

JMT was selected by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide right-of-way/easement surveys to support the USDA NRCS's Grassland Reserve Program and the Wetland Reserve Program for various properties throughout the state of Delaware.

JMT performed deed and right-of-way research both through the internet and at the specific County courthouse, and plotted the specific target deed and property adjoiners. JMT than assembled a property mosaic for aid in the field boundary surveys. Each task order required JMT to establish Delaware State Plane coordinates (NAD 83) on site with GPS surveys, and also establish a benchmark tied to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88). At the beginning of each task assignment, JMT and NRCS staff met with the property owner to review the specific easement area and overall property, gaining insight as to any specific concerns of the owner.

Field survey services consisted of property surveys to aid in the re-establishment of the property lines, and the setting of permanent USDA NRCS monuments every 500 feet and at angle breaks. JMT's Delaware Professional Land Surveyors re-established the property from the field surveys and existing deeds, subdivision plats, and right-of-way plats. An easement plat was generated showing the specific area dedicated for wetland or grassland reserve, and completed to NRCS standards. After the plat was complete, a deed description was prepared and submitted to NRCS.

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