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Windy Ridge Park Master Plan

Location: Mount Airy, Maryland Client: Mount Airy Township

JMT completed a master plan for a new, 90 acre recreational area.

JMT's design concept for the 90-acre Windy Ridge Park was based on maximizing the active recreation facilities within appropriate areas, directing the passive recreation opportunities to sections of the park site that were narrower and more steeply sloped, and minimizing disturbance to the existing ecosystem.

The park design provided opportunities for organized sports activities, self-directed informal recreation, and community special events. The site's natural aspects were enhanced to provide environmental educational opportunities through interpretative signage, avoid wildlife habitat, improve riparian buffer along the streams, and provide an attractive setting for leisure activities.

JMT gathered public input by working with a local Study Committee, completing key person interviews, and conducting public meetings to gather specific park interests and concerns regarding the development of the park. The public meetings also facilitated feedback regarding the plan alternatives, implementation plan, and the final design alternative.

A multi-use structure concept was discussed by the Study Committee and also explored as part of the conceptual design process.  Though none was designed as part of the project, we designated an area that could be developed to serve as a recreation center in the future.

JMT's completed design concept for Windy Ridge Park balanced immediate needs for active recreational pursuits while emphasizing preservation and stewardship of existing natural resources.

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