Bridge Inspection

JMT provides bridge inspections and other types of structural inspections for federal, state, county, agency, and privately-owned bridges and structures, consistent with National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS). These range from routine, biennial inventory inspections to in-depth, emergency inspections, including underwater inspections.

All inspection work is performed under the direction of registered professional engineers.  JMT team leaders have completed the NHI Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges course as well as other specialty training, and have conducted the following types of inspections:

  • Routine biennial
  • Fracture critical member inspection
  • Confined space inspection
  • Interim inspection
  • Emergency inspection
  • Scour inspection & evaluation
  • Underwater inspection
  • InspectTech

We use the latest technology and equipment to improve the efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness of our field crews and office tasks. Specialized access equipment and rigging allow access to areas of bridges that normally require traffic lane closures, thereby minimizing disruption to the traveling public.

JMT has performed bridge inspection services for on-call and scoped projects from Virginia to New York.  We can mobilize an inspection team within a few hours for an emergency response.

Highway and railroad bridge structures include:

  • Simple & continuous steel I-beams, box beams, trusses & girders, including curved girders
  • Reinforced concrete beams & slabs, including voided slabs & T-beams
  • Prestressed concrete beams & slabs, including AASHTO I-beams, box beams, voided slabs, bulb tees, and segmental box, both simply supported & continuous
  • Reinforced concrete box culverts & arches
  • Stone & masonry arches
  • Moveable bridges, including electrical/mechanical systems
  • Timber bridges, bulkheads & piles

Other structural types include:

  • Ancillary structures, including overhead & cantilever signs, high mast light poles, and traffic signal poles
  • Dam & gate structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Noise walls
  • Bulkheads & other marine structures 


NBIS Inspections for NJDOT

NJDOT Bridge Inspections1 M

Various Locations, New Jersey

JMT performed NBIS inspections, including underwater inspections, for more than 1,700 bridges throughout New Jersey.

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John F. Kennedy (JFK) Memorial Bridge Rehabilitation

aerial jfk bridge1 M

Atlantic County, New Jersey

JMT provided design and construction management/inspection services for the rehabilitation of a major bridge while keeping it in service.

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Francis Scott Key Bridge Rehabilitation over the Potomac River


Washington, D.C.

JMT performed field inspection, concrete and steel testing and evaluation for a historic bridge.

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NBIS Bridge Inspection Services for PennDOT District 6-0

JMT inspected numerous bridges throughout Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania.

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Hampton Bridge Inspections5 S

NBIS Bridge Inspections for City of Hampton

JMT provided NBIS condition inspections under a five-year contract for the City of Hampton.

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Route 3 Bridge S

Emergency Bridge Repairs – Route 3 Over the Hackensack River

JMT inspected and designed emergency repairs to a high-volume bridge near New York City.

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NJDOT Bridge Inspections2 S

NBIS Inspections of Moveable Bridges

JMT completed NBIS inspections, including underwater inspections, for five moveable bridges.

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Baltimore Bridge Inspections1 S

NBIS Bridge Inspections for City of Baltimore

JMT led a joint venture team for NBIS condition inspections in the City of Baltimore.

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