Watershed Assessment & Planning

The health of our streams and rivers, including water quality, water quantity, and the fish and wildlife that depend on these habitats, is important to the quality of life of citizens and is also part of today's regulatory framework.  The sources and causes of impacts to stream and river health must be determined in order to restore and protect these resources.  Watershed assessments are integral tools used in conjunction with best management practices to meet regulatory Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements and to develop comprehensive plans, greenspace plans, water resource plans, and stormwater and wastewater management plans.

JMT's scientists, engineers, and planners have developed watershed assessments, watershed management plans, and used watershed restoration modeling to assist private sector, government agency, and non-profit sector clients in developing strategies and programs to achieve their particular goals.  Our watershed assessment and watershed planning staff provide tailored services including:

  • Watershed assessment planning, Modeling and Restoration Plans
  • Source water protection plans
  • Water quality monitoring studies and analyses
  • Biological monitoring and analyses
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • River basin conservation plans
  • Chesapeake Bay TMDL assistance
  • TMDL load reduction tracking and modeling
  • Local stream TMDL assistance
  • Best management practices implementation frameworks
  • Agricultural and regulatory compliance
  • Nutrient trading and ecosystem services financial incentives
  • Innovative solutions to pollution issues Watershed linked ground water quality analyses
  • Grant assistance for watershed project implementation
  • Stormwater modeling,  planning, and retrofit assistance
  • Comprehensive planning assistance with water resource elements
  • Pollutant load modeling based on future land use changes


Nash Run1 S

Nash Run Stream Restoration

JMT designed the restoration of a main tributary in the nation's captial.

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Indian Creek Stream Corridor

JMT staff assessed more than one mile of stream channel and provided design plans to help restore Indian Creek.

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Bryan's Road Innovative Stormwater Management Study

JMT completed studies related to the effects of stormwater on a commercial redevelopment project.

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Powder Mill Run Assessment, Restoration & Design

JMT provided a full range of environmental, drainage and stormwater management design services to study and restore a stream corridor to meet NPDES requirements.

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Anchorage Canal Watershed Assessment & Pollution Control

JMT teamed with the Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) to develop a stormwater retrofit strategy to reduce pollution in the highly urbanized Anchorage Canal Drainage Area and independently prepared design plans and construction oversight for the first two implementation projects within the watershed.

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