Enterprise Content Management

ECM comprises standards, practices, methodologies and technologies that enable the enterprise to more effectively capture, store, manage, deliver and preserve unstructured content.  Every day, we are constantly generating, saving and editing hundreds of documents through routine operations. Beyond its core, ECM has expanded its reach and taken on the functional characteristics of related technologies such as business process management (BPM), collaboration, and enterprise application integration (EAI).

JMT offers ECM tools and services for business process modeling and analysis, workflow management and integration with other enterprise applications including GIS and asset management. Our ECM solutions result in significantly reducing the time and costs incurred by users needlessly searching for content and eliminating the costly errors resulting from the mismanagement of this content. 



City of Baltimore, Department of General Services ECM

JMT staff developed an ECM system to help with city-wide management of buildings and other properties.

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Sharepoint Site Implementation

JMT developed a SharePoint site to support the data needs of a project involving several firms. 

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York Bureau of Permits ECM

JMT helps streamline City business processes through a new ECM system. 

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City of Baltimore ECM

JMT implemented a comprehensive ECM system for a City Department of Public Works.

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