Public Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a funding model for public infrastructure projects.  As the demand for funding public sector projects escalates, public funding resources are struggling to keep pace with the needs of the nation's infrastructure improvements.  The PPP model provides a valuable mechanism to infrastructure owners as a method that will allow them to continue making improvements to the nation's infrastructure. The public partner is represented by the government at a local, state and/or national level. The private partner can be a privately-owned business, public corporation or consortium of business entities with a specific area of expertise. The Federal Highway Administration encourages the use of public-private partnerships in the development of transportation improvements.

JMT also encourages the use of PPP and provides the requisite professional design services that ensure innovation, imagination, efficiency and ingenuity, which are considered when addressing complex transportation problems.  These ideals are paramount to creating long lasting and efficient PPP projects that generate the anticipated revenue while minimizing maintenance requirements.



Downtown Tunnel/Midtown Tunnel/MLK Extension

JMT is providing quality assurance for a $2.1 billion design-build tunnel and highway expansion project in Virginia.

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