Commercial Curb 3rd Lane Expansion & Terminal Roadway Improvements-

JMT designed two new 250ft long canopy structures to provide weather protection for disembarking passengers at a new commercial curb lane at Washington Dulles International Airport.


Loudoun County, VA


Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority



As part of the design, JMT provided field topographic surveys, utility designating and locating, civil engineering design of a new raised curb median and sidewalk, structural engineering, and detailing of custom canopies that were intended to match the existing canopies on the adjacent curb.

Photovoltaic Design: JMT also performed the electrical engineering for the project which included the design of new LED lighting and one photovoltaic (PV) system for each canopy structure. Each PV system consisted of 4kW solar panels connected to 10kW maximum inverter. The PV system is tied directly into the Airport’s 480/277V electrical distribution system. The system was in compliant with the Rapid-Shutdown requirement of NEC 2017.
Construction Documentation: JMT prepared supporting documents including the Design Report, Specifications, Cost Estimate, Bid Schedule, List of Drawings for Permit Application, List of Submittals, and the MWAA Environmental Certification Checklist. All construction drawings were prepared in MicroStation CADD format using MicroStation V8.

JMT utilized multiple Esri tools to complete the project, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, Geoprocessing Services, ArcGIS Collector, and Data Reviewer, along with Python scripts to increase the efficiency of some of the processes associated with this project.