The perception of a community by current and future residents is linked to where and how people spend their leisure time in that community. Therefore, progressive communities plan and design for the integration of sustainable parks, recreation, and open space elements with traditional components of community design. JMT’s philosophy of recreation planning and design embraces the needs and desires of current and future residents, focusing on opportunities for recreation, connectivity and interaction with both natural and man-made environments for leisure activity. 

JMT’s Recreation Planning and Design team consists of landscape architects, park and recreation specialists, planners, and engineers who have extensive experience with the redesign and retrofit of existing recreation facilities, the design of new facilities, and the integration of facilities with other land uses. We apply our expertise with a variety of innovative and sustainable solutions with respect to design, materials, and techniques. 

Our typical services for a client involve one or more of the following: 

  • Park master planning 
  • Park and recreation feasibility studies 
  • Open space plans 
  • Trail and greenway plans 
  • Playground design 
  • Field material selection 
  • Plaza, bandstand, and town center design 
  • Wayfinding and interpretive signage 
  • Park construction 
  • Community visioning 
  • Public involvement