Underwater Inspection

JMT’s commercial divers possess the knowledge and equipment to review and evaluate the structural integrity of assets with underwater components. Our divers are qualified to work in confined spaces and perform underwater penetration in accordance with OSHA regulations. 

Project types include bridges, tunnels, and culverts; ports, terminals, piers, and bulkheads; locks and dams; storage tanks; treatment facilities; pipelines; and confined spaces. Many inspection and testing methods are available depending on the structural configuration or specific problem being addressed.

Many of our divers are also registered professional engineers, allowing us to design solutions based on personally-observed conditions. Typical engineering services involve structural evaluation, design of rehabilitation measures, maintenance program recommendations, cathodic protection, and construction management support.

We also provide:

  • Condition Surveys
  • Scour Evaluation
  • Marine Borer Investigation
  • Measurements
  • Material Testing
  • Concrete and Timber Cores
  • Underwater Construction
  • Construction Compliance
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • High-Resolution Laser Scanning
  • Underwater Video/Digital Photography
  • Remote Operated Vehicle
  • Hard Wire Communications
  • High Mobility in Difficult Access Areas
  • Confined Space & Penetration
  • Construction Inspection 


NBIS Inspections for NJDOT

NJDOT Bridge Inspections1 M

Various Locations, New Jersey

JMT performed NBIS inspections, including underwater inspections, for more than 1,700 bridges throughout New Jersey.

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Wooster Pike Revitalization

wooster pike after 2M

Hamilton County, Ohio

Barr & Prevost, a JMT Division, used a variety of integrated solutions that later were identified as the components of a Complete Streets Project, to reinvigorate a central business district located along a major Cincinnati-area corridor.

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John F. Kennedy (JFK) Memorial Bridge Rehabilitation

aerial jfk bridge1 M

Atlantic County, New Jersey

JMT provided design and construction management/inspection services for the rehabilitation of a major bridge while keeping it in service.

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New Croton Dam Underwater Inspection


Westchester County, New York

Atlantic Engineering, A JMT Company, performed the underwater inspection of the New Croton Dam.

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Hampton Bridge Inspections5 S

NBIS Bridge Inspections for City of Hampton

JMT provided NBIS condition inspections under a five-year contract for the City of Hampton.

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Henry Hudson Parkway Seawall Inspection

Atlantic Engineering, A JMT Company, inspected and designed priority repairs for the seawall and shoulder alongside the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City.

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NJDOT Bridge Inspections2 S

NBIS Inspections of Moveable Bridges

JMT completed NBIS inspections, including underwater inspections, for five moveable bridges.

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Governor's Island Construction Management Services

Atlantic Engineering, A JMT Company, provided construction management and inspection services to the National Park Service following Hurricane Sandy.

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