Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation issues policies and procedures to improve the transportation system of the United States. This transportation system includes many different modal types, from roads and bridges to airports, railways and shipping. Each mode has its own special set of challenges -- challenges that JMT is extremely well equipped to address. Since our inception more than forty years ago, JMT has demonstrated time and again the ability to assemble the right team of transportation professionals to "get the job done."

One of our specialties is the design of roads and bridges using both design-bid-build and design-build delivery systems. We provide innovative alternatives to our clients that result in significant cost savings and reductions in schedule time. This is because JMT's staff includes personnel with backgrounds in design, construction, and ownership bringing all stakeholder viewpoints to the project.  Our outstanding work in transportation has won the firm wide acclaim as a leader in the field.

JMT clients include Federal Highway Administration-Eastern Federal Lands, National Highway Institute and the Federal Aviation Administration. We hold a major IDIQ contract to provide engineering and support services to Eastern Federal Lands. As a sub-consultant we currently hold a contract to provide engineering to the Federal Aviation Administration for design-build projects.



Eastern Federal Lands IDIQ Contract

JMT provided A-E services for the Federal Highway Administration Eastern Federal Lands through a multi-year IDIQ contract.

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Mark Center Intersection S

Mark Center Improvements

JMT provided roadway infrastructure improvements on a design-build project needed in support of BRAC near Washington, DC.

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9th Street Bridge Replacement

JMT was the lead designer for the Contractor of this challenging $51 million design-build project, which serves as a gateway to our Nation's Capital.

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Fairfax County Pkwy Extension, Phases I II & IV

JMT served as lead designer for a major design-build roadway project as part of the BRAC program.

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Taylor Street Bridge

JMT served as lead designer for a design-build bridge replacement project in Washington, DC.

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