We’re working for cleaner water and better-connected infrastructure.

The nation’s vast utilities system is an integral part of our country’s infrastructure and a necessity to our way of life. Our citizens expect efficient development and uninterrupted delivery of electricity, heat, water, sewer, telephone, and all utility amenities.

Clean water and sanitation facilities are especially critical. Within every community across the country, water and wastewater infrastructure require development, enhancement, and continued operation and maintenance support to ensure their vitality.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment both involve physical, chemical, and/or biological treatment processes. While the specific processes can vary greatly based on local conditions and needs, the typical desired result is safe drinking water and low-nutrient wastewater.

Our experience includes plants ranging in size from less than 1 million gallons per day to greater than 300 million gallons per day, industrial wastewater treatment, and the use of new technologies such as enhanced nutrient removal and reverse osmosis systems.

Water Supply & Wastewater Collection

Water supply networks and sewage collection systems traverse communities, conveying water and transporting wastewater to and from treatment facilities to keep people healthy and prevent disease.

JMT helps public agencies and private entities develop, maintain, and extend water and sewer systems and facilities. We solve complex problems associated with regulatory and consent decree-enforced designs and upgrades, providing efficient and cost-effective services within the ever-tightening design and construction schedules.


JMT promotes and supports of all forms of energy from conventional natural resources such as oil, gas, hydrogen to nuclear, to renewables such as wind, solar, bio gas. The climate landscape is changing and JMT is poised to be a leader. Access to a diverse and abundant supply of energy resources is a game changer for our economy, energy security, and environmental sustainability. Energy development, in general, is challenged with regulatory compliance, transportation logistics, and design and technology changes. JMT’s emerging role to support the energy market providing development and sustainability services puts us in the center of the Energy marketplace.