circle with text 100 percent employee owned, with people encircling the image and messageWhy we are an ESOP
In the late 1990s, our leadership envisioned the future ownership of our company in the hands of our employees. The hope was to ensure long-term success of the firm while building lasting employee empowerment and pride in our firm and our work. One method available to accomplish this was creating an employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP.

And that’s what we did. JMT’s employee ownership model continues to provide a way to retain and reward our talented and dedicated staff. The ESOP program has contributed to an employee ownership culture at JMT that can be felt across our offices. It is infused into our decision-making processes, company policies, career path opportunities, and employee incentives which all work together to offer our employees a career that is personally, professionally, and financially rewarding.

Work hard and get rewarded. It’s that simple!

What is an ESOP?
Our ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that is funded entirely by JMT. Being an ESOP provides many financial benefits to the company and our employee owners, but the most important differentiator of working for an employee-owned company is the culture. At JMT, our culture is built around allowing employees to feel empowered to take initiative, create opportunities, and feel a sense of contribution to the success of the firm. As owners, we “Treat it like it’s our own” and we are rewarded, financially, through the ESOP. Everyone has an ownership stake and profits are shared between everyone, not just a few owners.

Employee Eligibility
Employees (age 18+) are immediately eligible to participate in the ESOP upon their date of hire.

Careers at JMT
If you want to be a part of a thriving ownership culture, check out our latest openings.

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