Building commissioning is the systematic and documented process of ensuring that the owner’s operational needs are met, building systems perform efficiently, and building operators are properly trained. A seemingly simple concept, yet often left out in the hectic rush to complete projects, resulting in years of compounding operational and maintenance inefficiencies and extra costs.  Deficiencies such as design flaws, construction defects, malfunctioning equipment, and deferred maintenance have a host of ramifications, ranging from equipment failure, to compromised indoor air quality and comfort, to unnecessarily elevated energy use or under-performance of energy-efficiency strategies. 

Building commissioning can detect and remedy most deficiencies before the impacts are realized. We have significant design and hands-on experience with building mechanical and electrical systems as an independent third party contractor hired by the owner. This ensures the design is accurate and efficient and the contractor is adhering to the requirements of the contract. 

At JMT we can perform commissioning at any stage of a project. During new construction we are often involved from pre-design, planning through design, construction and acceptance. If you have an existing building, opportunity also exists as we can apply a systematic investigation process for improving and optimizing that building’s operation.