Real Estate acquisition requires specific experts in the field that can develop a program for any type of project, inclusive of records research, appraisals, negotiations, relocations and acquisition activities.  Services are necessary for roadway, rail, park-and-ride, wetland mitigation, park, airport, utility and capital improvement sites.

JMT has a veteran staff of former right of way agents and managers who are familiar with right of way policies and procedures.  JMT is unique in that we provide complete right-of-way acquisition services to our clients.  Our experts design, manage and deliver an acquisition program for any type of project.  We acquire real estate for all types of projects.   JMT learns our clients’ specific needs, and we tailor effective project management and innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations.  All of our staff are trained in Uniform Act procedures, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), experienced applicable codes and standards and practices of IRWA and state and local laws.  Our capabilities include:

  • Project Management – JMT offers comprehensive project management from a project’s inception to final completion. Our experts advise clients of all necessary activities and offer valuable advice to utilize resources efficiently and stay on schedule. All of our activities are in conformance with the Uniform Act policies and procedures to protect Federal Aid participation.
  • Acquisition Plan and Strategy – Our experts’ advise clients on the best course of action and will help develop a workable schedule for each property on a case-by-case basis. Feasibility studies can be prepared for various scenarios.
  • Property Data – Deed descriptions and parcel identification will be obtained to enable plat preparation and the title exam process to begin. JMT will arrange for title examinations to be prepared.
  • Appraisals/Appraisal Reviews – JMT will utilize staff or contract appraisers to secure proper appraisals, whether the property is improved or unimproved and has either an agricultural, residential, commercial, office or industrial usage designation.
  • Negotiations – JMT’s staff of experienced negotiators coordinates with clients and property owners to address any issues that arise so negotiations can be successfully completed.  This allows for project schedules to be kept while protecting property owners’ rights.
  • Relocations – JMT’s experienced staff will relocate all displaced residents and businesses according to URAA standards.
  • Title Search/Closings – JMT will secure the proper subcontractors to perform tasks.
  • Property management – JMT will provide property disposition and leasing services as needed.