Providing effective building projects for public use on behalf of government owners can become demanding with budget and staffing level constraints. Sustainability, historic significance, and security are just a few of the concerns that must be addressed during the development of these projects. With tight budgets and increased pressure to deliver the same level of service, agencies aim to do more with less. Many of their iconic buildings and spaces must adapt to current needs to withstand the test of time.

JMT is a leader in providing planning, design, and post-design services to government agencies across the U.S. From transit stations to libraries to office and administrative buildings and even federal agency headquarters, JMT delivers cost-effective solutions to our government clients while keeping sight of the project’s end goal.

Specialized Market


JMT specializes in the planning and implementation of vibrant parks and recreational facilities that serve a variety of communities. Our diversified team of planners, landscape architects, engineers, architects, and construction managers work collaboratively with clients to develop plans and facilities that preserve existing resources while implementing new facilities that are both cost-effective and sustainable.