Pedestrian and bicycle facilities are vital elements in any transportation system and require careful consideration during the planning and design process. In the past, transportation infrastructure often undervalued the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Our team fully appreciates these project stakeholders and works closely with them to provide our clients with innovative and practical solutions that address mobility issues for all users.

JMT has a long history of delivering successful projects to our clients at both the planning level of development and the engineered and built final product. We have completed numerous studies and designs for county and state agencies varying in scale and setting from rural corridors to the urbanized environment of cities.

We are a Silver Partner of the National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC) and implements the ideas of NCSC in all our work.

JMT has utilized Bicycle Level of Comfort (BLOC) calculations for bicycle facility design and has Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) experts on staff to provide guidance on the latest policy issues within our state and local governments.

Our staff provides a full range of services, from planning studies through development of construction documents and post construction services.

  • Bicycle Level of Comfort calculations (BLOC)
  • ADA compliance
  • Trail design
  • Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Urban streetscape design
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • School campus design
  • Park design
  • Pedestrian and bicycle master plans
  • Pedestrian safety improvement design
  • Safe Routes to Schools design
  • Urban planning
  • Public involvement