JMT has a staff of experienced professionals practiced in facility assessment criteria. Our team performs thorough comprehensive assessments of all assigned facilities and carefully appraise all mechanical systems, electrical systems, technology and special systems, building envelope, roofing, and site-specific conditions. Their assessments include a precise inventory and evaluation of all systems and equipment denoting current condition, life expectancy, code adherence (including ADA), capacity, and viability.  Emphasis is placed on identifying any structural deficiencies, hazardous material exposure, energy proficiency, and all pertinent information relative to make, model, manufacture, and serial numbers of equipment. They also include analysis of site traffic and civil materials, including stormwater management.  

JMT provides a methodical code compliancy review of the buildings with the assistance of computer software. This innovative software enables JMT to obtain a high degree of efficiency, while maintaining the degree of protection, energy compliance, and life safety intended by the applicable codes.    

We also can provide multidisciplined facilities assessment services for energy conservation analyses. JMT can accommodate the review of large facilities as well as individual buildings. Several projects progressed from assessment through to design for one or more energy savings recommendations, including roof replacements, building insulation upgrades, window replacements, air handling unit replacements, chiller and pumping systems replacements, solar energy harvesting, boiler system upgrades, and the installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems.