JMT maintains an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, or “drones”) program for aerial photography, video, documentation, and inspections. We own and operate several FAA-registered quadcopters with the latest in aerial technology. Our aircraft are equipped to capture high-resolution photos and videos, obtaining output from aerial photographs and video to orthophotography and 3D models.

We take the camera to a perspective that project staff cannot alone achieve, and we do so in a fast, safe, and cost-effective manner. Conventional manned aircraft are limited by minimum altitudes and other flight safety restrictions placed on general aviation aircraft. JMT’s UAS aircraft fly within 400 feet above ground level to capture stunning, professional-quality aerial video and still photos and to generate aerial mapping much more safely and at a fraction of the cost of manned flight.

JMT is well versed on 14 CFR Part 107, the FAA requirement which regulates commercial UAS use in the National Airspace System. Our pilots are individually certified by the FAA and can safely and efficiently fly projects anywhere in the U.S. We also have the experience and ability to plan flights and file for FAA authorizations and waivers for project sites located within restricted airspace.

Examples of our recent UAS video and photo missions:

  • Transportation corridor planning
  • Before, during, and after construction documentation
  • Stream restoration project progress
  • Traffic flow monitoring at specific sites
  • Close-up views to identify and inspect
  • Orthophotography for photogrammetric point clouds and digital surface models