The absence of appropriate and comprehensive knowledge of subsurface conditions, including subsoil and groundwater, can have a significantly negative effect on the geotechnical and pavement engineering recommendations, conclusions, and designs provided for your project. 

JMT has a staff of professional geotechnical/pavement engineers who provide a broad range of engineering services such as subsurface investigations, geotechnical and pavement engineering analysis, design reports, and plans. As a result of our extensive experience with local geologic conditions, we can advise with site-specific subsurface investigations and design innovative yet economical engineering solutions. 

We provide construction inspection and testing services and provide recommendations for design documents regarding local conditions that may affect the overall cost and project duration. 

Our geotechnical services include: 

  • Geophysical studies 
  • Design of shallow, deep, and specialty foundations 
  • Seismic site classification and design 
  • Slope stability analysis and remediation 
  • Slope inclinometer installation and monitoring 
  • Groundwater monitoring wells and vibrating wire piezometers 
  • Temporary and permanent retaining systems 
  • Temporary and permanent dewatering systems 
  • Site improvement and ground modification 
  • Dams 
  • Scour analysis consultation 
  • Landfills 
  • Geosynthetics 
  • Earthwork recommendations 
  • Soil test borings 
  • Rock corings 
  • In-situ testing 

Our pavement services include: 

  • Pavement investigation 
  • Subgrade improvement 
  • Falling weight deflectometer 
  • PCI surveys 
  • New and rehabilitation evaluation and design 
  • Life-cycle cost analysis 
  • Pavement management and preservation