Water and wastewater treatment both involve physical, chemical, and/or biological treatment processes. While the specific processes can vary greatly based on local conditions and needs, the typical desired result is safe drinking water and low-nutrient wastewater.

The JMT staff includes civil, environmental, mechanical, chemical, structural, and electrical engineers with expertise in the design of various types of water and wastewater processes and facilities. Our experience includes plants ranging in size from less than 1 million gallons per day to greater than 300 million gallons per day, industrial wastewater treatment, and the use of new technologies such as enhanced nutrient removal and reverse osmosis systems.

We also offer extensive experience in facility operations for a range of small to large-scale water and wastewater treatment plants. Our staff provides services for scheduling and coordination, preventive and predictive maintenance assessment, building information modeling, reinvestment planning, budgeting, training, and benchmarking. From start-up through commissioning, JMT utilizes a systematic process documenting the performance of all facility systems.