Our energy practice experts take on the complex challenges posed by today’s public and private energy projects.

JMT is a firm of 2,200+ employee owners across 17 states and 48 offices providing a diversity of professional consulting and engineering services. JMT is ranked among its peers in a variety of engineering categories. JMT considers itself a leader in the energy industry providing our clients solutions in renewable energy, decarbonization, energy management, and fossil fuels.

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Meet Our Experts

  • Wes Carson
    Energy Market Leader

    For over 36 years, Wes has worked on public and private energy projects. His focus on management, leadership, process safety, and asset management establishes him as an expert to right-size your project approach.

Energy Categories

Renewable Energy

JMT reimagines the built environment for a net-zero future, using a modernized approach to increase resiliency in our most essential services and infrastructure. JMT supports research and development efforts that improve power delivery systems resulting in enhanced resiliency, energy capacity maximization through solar modeling and analysis, and the technology to strengthen transmission and distribution systems.


All modes of travel through land, air, and sea to move people and goods account for one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. JMT works with these agencies and clients to design and implement solutions such as EV charging, Net 0 designs, and energy efficiency.

Energy Management

JMT manages energy with a team of professionals working to help with carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and long-term sustainability.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are an important energy source that faces significant challenges, such as regulatory compliance, transportation coordination, environmental stewardship, and technological changes. JMT understands this and has a dedicated team of dynamic, highly qualified design, engineering, and field professionals ready to meet the needs of the industry.


Energy Design Services

  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Solar Power & Storage
  • Utility Design
  • Energy Usage Plans & Optimization
  • LEED & Carbon Zero Building Designs
  • HVAC/Lighting/Roofing
  • Building Electrification
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Power Generation, Islanding
  • Fiber Optic Design
  • Utility Coordination

Energy Support Services

  • Natural & Cultural Resources
  • Environmental & Permitting
  • Survey/SUE
  • Land Services
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Site Civil Plan & Design
  • Technology Services
  • Commissioning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Coatings Inspection
  • Corrosion Engineering