JMT’s commercial divers possess the knowledge and equipment to review and evaluate the structural integrity of assets with underwater components. Our divers are qualified to work in confined spaces and perform underwater penetration in accordance with OSHA regulations.  

Project types include: 

  • Bridges, tunnels, and culverts 
  • Ports, terminals, piers, and bulkheads 
  • Locks and dams 
  • Storage tanks 
  • Treatment facilities 
  • Pipelines 
  • Confined spaces  

Many inspection and testing methods are available depending on the structural configuration or specific problem being addressed. 

Many of our divers are also registered professional engineers, allowing us to design solutions based on personally-observed conditions. Typical engineering services involve structural evaluation, design of rehabilitation measures, maintenance program recommendations, cathodic protection, and construction management support. 

We also provide: 

  • Condition surveys 
  • Scour evaluation 
  • Marine borer investigation 
  • Measurements 
  • Material testing 
  • Concrete and timber cores 
  • Underwater construction 
  • Construction compliance 
  • Hydrographic surveys 
  • High-resolution laser scanning 
  • Underwater video/digital photography 
  • Remote operated vehicle 
  • Hard wire communications 
  • High mobility in difficult access areas 
  • Confined space and penetration 
  • Construction inspection

Bridges, tunnels, and culverts 

JMT provides regular and emergency underwater inspection and repair services for bridges, tunnels, and culverts. All inspections are performed in strict adherence to federal and state guidelines as well as those issued by the Federal Railway Association and OSHA. The inspection team consists of certified commercial divers, many of whom are also registered professional engineers in multiple states. This allows us to also provide structural evaluation, design of rehabilitation measures, maintenance program recommendation, cathodic protection, and construction management and inspection support. Our highly trained technicians and tenders provide on-site use of ROV, sonar, pipe crawler, and fathometric imaging, as well as diver entry into confined spaces, clear water, or hazardous material dives. Our reports include detailed measurements, soundings, drawings, digital photos, and priority letters, if needed.

Additional services include digital above and below water photography, digital underwater video, underwater construction, ROV imaging, pipe crawling equipment, bathymetric services, hydrographic surveys, ultrasonic thickness measurements, and material testing. JMT also provides construction management and inspection services, performed by registered professional engineer divers, to ensure that all work is completed to specifications.

Locks and dams 

JMT provides regular and emergency underwater inspection and repair services for dams and reservoirs of all sizes. In addition to general inspection, our underwater services include repair recommendations and submarine construction work on sluice gates, gate seals, intake channels, stop logs, and other structures. All JMT divers and engineers have completed, at a minimum, 10-hour OSHA safety and confined space training, and all divers hold certifications from the Association of Diving Contractors International. JMT is a proud member of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials.