The successful implementation of several interrelated projects to improve an organization’s performance and further their goals is essential for the long-term viability of any organization. The cornerstone of true program management is the ability to develop and manage these interrelated projects with a systematic, coordinated approach. 

At JMT we understand the difference between “project” and “program” management. As an agent of the owner, JMT can help you develop and manage a program that will meet your goals. During implementation, we assume a proactive stance to anticipate potential problems and develop solutions before the program is adversely affected, allowing the owner to maintain schedule, cost, and quality. JMT’s diverse staff is comprised of former construction, government, and engineering professionals, giving us the expertise to meet all our clients’ needs. Our staff of practiced, highly trained, and experienced personnel offers the following services to help make your program successful:   

  • Project analysis based on program goals & objectives 
  • Budget development 
  • Project definition and prioritization 
  • Develop project justification documentation 
  • Integration of multiple projects into a coordinated master schedule 
  • Construction administration, management and inspection 
  • Audits and reporting 
  • Risk management  
  • Regulatory agency coordination 
  • Contract negotiation and administration 
  • Information management and project control systems 
  • Help define decision-making process 
  • Vendor procurement 
  • Develop and implement program performance measures