Road and highway design have evolved to a specialized discipline requiring dedicated professionals who stay current with changing technology, standards, and practices. In addition, today’s environment demands experts in the field who also understand the impact their efforts have on the people and communities in which these projects exist. Our road and highway projects range in complexity, from local intersection improvements, to streetscapes in urban environments, to the most complex interstate and highway projects.


Project Types

Highways & Interchanges

From our inception, JMT has continually been involved in the design of interstate/freeway facilities throughout the United States. Projects have included several mega projects that include full, partial, limited access highway, turnpikes, and toll and HOV facilities.

JMT routinely develops plans and alternative technical concepts for projects, which result in innovative design solutions
that save our clients money and deliver sustainable ideas to preserve a legacy for future generations. We have participated with numerous contractors from traditional design-bid-build to design-build and public-private partnerships.


Streetscapes/Urban Revitalization

As a Silver Partner of the National Complete Streets Coalition, JMT implements the ideals of NCSC in striving to provide our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions. We approach all our projects holistically and focus on all modes of transportation. The end results are solutions that truly enhance communities.

Geometric Design & Analysis

JMT has completed hundreds of assignments involving geometric design and analysis to optimize efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability for all community stakeholders and the traveling public. JMT’s geometric improvements include modifications to roadway profiles, alignments, cross sections, safety, and sight distance enhancements for the public, benefiting
pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles, and transit users.