Assisting our technical staff across all markets and services are JMT’s in-house Strategic Engagement and Creative Services teams. Using research, customized engagement strategies, performance metrics, compelling images and graphics, and technology, we help our clients tell their story and successfully reach, educate, and collaborate with communities on projects and initiatives.   

Strategic Engagement

Public involvement and community outreach are integral components of projects, no matter how large or small. It is important for project owners to collaborate and build trust with the public and key stakeholders, to not only make them aware of impacts to their communities, but to make project information easily accessible, gather valued input, and involve them in the decision-making process.   

Our Public Involvement team is made up of engagement specialists, communications and marketing staff, meeting faciltators, translators, and technology staff that offer our clients the following services: 

  • Research and Surveys 
  • Stakeholder Identification 
  • Development of Engagement Strategies/Methodologies  
  • Development of Communication Plans 
  • Public, Media, and Governmental Relations
  • Technical and Creative Writing 
  • Translation 
  • Event and Meeting Planning and Facilitation 
  • Website and Social Media Development/Management 
  • Facilitation and Consensus Building
  • Application Development 
  • Database Creation/Maintenance and Record Tracking 

We use a “no surprises, no excuses” philosophy when engaging with the public. By designing outreach programs that involve research, stakeholder interviews, and early engagement, we can anticipate and prepare to address key or hot button issues before anyone is caught by surprise. We also design outreach programs that leave no excuses for the public and communities to not have heard about or be able to participate in our efforts by identifying diverse audiences; communicating using a variety of methods/tools; and partnering with key community members and stakeholders to help spread the word.  


Creative Services 

Visual design and communications are important elements in providing a clear understanding of technical aspects of a project when presenting to stakeholders and the public.  Graphic representation of a project offers a visual example of the final product and is invaluable in explaining complex engineering projects.  Clear and well written communication can often make the difference between and average project and a stellar project.

JMT’s Creative Services team offers the following in-house services to meet the needs of every project: 

  • Graphic Design
  • Project Branding 
  • Design and Production of Print and Electronic Materials 
  • Visualization and Renderings 
  • 3D Computer Animation 
  • 3D Topographic Models 
  • Hand Drawn Illustrations 
  • Technical and Creative Writing
  • Video Production 

JMT’s Creative Services team has used 3D computer-generated models and artist renderings successfully on many projects. Through different types of graphic representation, we have been able to take complex concepts and designs and make them easier for the public to visualize, understand, and support via materials such as: project websites/pages, maps, brochures, flyers, newsletters, fact sheets, presentations, and display boards.   

Videos are an effective way to engage with the public, and with the tools and technology available today, they are also becoming less expensive and easier to produce and distribute. JMT has an in-house studio and full-time videographer on staff offering a full suite of videography services including: script writing, directing, filming of footage and interviews, animation, editing, sound mixing, and packaging/distribution of the final product.