February 26, 2018
Location: Prince George’s County, Maryland

Three JMT-designed stormwater facilities in Prince George’s County, MD, were officially completed at the end of February, treating more than 3.5 acres of impervious pavement at Rosaryville State Park. 

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), partnering with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, aimed to reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment entering the Chesapeake Bay. JMT assisted SHA in providing total maximum daily load (TMDL) credit for the Rosaryville State Park property, conducting a site search within the park’s boundaries to identify feasible sites for stormwater management best management practices. Ultimately, three sites were chosen to proceed with design and construction.

JMT provided design, and performed stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, landscape architecture, and maintenance of traffic design services for the sites while also providing support for the SHA during the advertisement and construction project phases. JMT also performed a wetland delineation and prepared a wetlands/waterways memo.

The Rosaryville State Park project is the first of several water quality projects on state land funded by SHA, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. “The new facilities at Rosaryville State Park will treat runoff from 3.57 acres of pavement and improve the aesthetics of the park with native shrubs and trees. The bioretention basins will filter and slow runoff – removing excess nutrients and sediment – allowing water to percolate into the ground.”

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