American Dream Mall Water Tunnel Leak Investigation

JMT’s team of divers inspected and repaired a water recirculation tunnel at a new indoor water park.


East Rutherford, NJ


Sentinel Preservation

JMT’s marine staff performed underwater inspection and construction services at the American Dream Mall, near the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The Make a Splash DreamWorks Water Park, touted as North America’s largest indoor waterpark, boasts the largest wave pool in the world that generates waves large enough to surf. The water recirculation tunnel experienced leaks, delaying the park’s target opening date. Our team provided diving services to locate, determine the causes of, and repair the leaks.

Our commercial divers performed multiple penetration dives into the 300-foot-long tunnel and used JMT’s state-of-the-art underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to provide video of inaccessible areas. Commercial leak detection dye was used to ensure all leaks, regardless of size, were identified and repaired. In addition to the leak repairs, the wave pool had a submerged stainless-steel grate that had broken from the stress of the significant water movement required to develop the waves. Divers removed the grate, had the broken bars welded back into place, and replaced the grate.