Energy Sustainability

JMT conducted an energy audit and baseline analysis to produce an energy management plan to implement energy optimization opportunities.


Harrisburg, PA


Capital Region Water



JMT’s team of facility experts, energy innovators, and procurement specialists identified where there was an energy deficit and developed strategies for energy optimization in Capital Region Water’s (CRW) Harrisburg water and wastewater treatment processes. CRW had anticipated its annual electricity demand to increase more than 40% due to wastewater treatment plant upgrades. Through our study and resulting long-term and sustainable energy management and optimization program recommendations, as well as immediate, no cost/low cost actions, CRW realized immediate savings and energy reductions, in turn saving taxpayers money.

Our team conducted a two-day, on-site energy audit and base line analysis to produce an energy management plan to implement short- and long-term energy optimization opportunities. This was a critical first step for CRW to establish a comprehensive energy management program aimed at reducing energy and increasing alternative energy usage while simultaneously enhancing system resiliency.

JMT developed a strategy for procuring natural gas and electricity under an arrangement that benefited from CRW’s consumption profile. Our team made recommendations that included energy demand reductions, production of alternatives, and purchase of renewable energy to mitigate potential environmental and public health consequences while insulating the community and customers from energy rate volatility.

Our on-site assessment of CRW’s two major facilities (water and wastewater plants) involved collecting data, interviewing staff, performing operations review, coordinating with a sub-metering contractor, and identifying a list of preliminary energy conservation measures.